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How To Use 5D & Smoothie Cat Eye Gel?

Cat Eye Gel is one of our fastest selling gel polish collections; The stunning colours help to give your nails a stand-out gel manicure in a matter of few quick minutes.

How does the Cat Eye Gel Polish work?
The Cat Eye effect is created due to magnetised particles in the gel polish. When you place your magnet over the Cat Eye polish, the magnet will attract to these particles and create amazing patterns on your nails!

How do you apply these gels?
5D Cat Eye & Smoothie Cat Eye Gel can be applied in two different ways.
It can be applied after the appliance of Base Coat just like a normal gel polish, building up the coverage with 2 coats in total.
Don’t forget to use the magnet and create desired effect before your cure each layer.
If you need a darker & bolder effect, go for the third layer (depending on the shade of the cat eye)

You can also use it as a coat over the top of your favourite gel polish too.
You will ideally need only 1 coat for this, and it works best over darker shades to get the effect as desired.

Pro Tip

Make sure you keep your magnet properly in your vanity and the magnet is kept covered. You can wrap them with a foil or a simple, clean tissue.
Tool maintenance also helps in getting the perfect cat eye design!

Cat Eye Application

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