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Extensions that dry in only 5 seconds! Yes, this is correct
Meet the BLUESKY Lexan Gel; our new innovative formula for nails enhancement, which is the best fit solution for broken, short, rough nails!

Lexan gel, available in 15ml, 30ml and 50ml jars is a revolutionary product and an absolute game changer.
It will change the way professionals do nail extensions as this product gives you flawless results in a matter of 5 seconds.

Did you know that our Lexan Gel is the quickest solution for:

Physical strengthening.
Add strength to your natural nails by doing overlays with Lexan Gel.

Broken nail repair was never this easy!

Nail extensions which are durable and have a smooth finish couldn’t be achieved any quicker and better than this. Long nails in just 5 seconds.

Lexan Gel has a thick texture, it is not harmful for the nail and like all our Bluesky gel products, Lexan gel is also a Cruelty free, Vegan product; free of formaldehyde.
It offers a long-lasting effect that can last more than 3 weeks!

Its transparent, crystal clear result offers the best canvas to express your creativity and give your clients nails they desire!

Use the BLUESKY Lexan Gel to Fill, Fix or Extend; all in just a matter of 5 seconds!

Did you know?

With application exactly the same as the Bluesky builder gel, the USP lies in curing time.
Also, you can use Lexan gel with classic extension tips as well as paper forms.
This can also be used for creating in-built nails.

Product presentation video

Lexan gel application video

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