Chrome Powder

Do you want to create eye-catching manicures without spending hours on nail art? Chrome Powder will be your new best friend! Easy to apply and perfect for simple nail creations.

How do you use Chrome Powder?

Chrome Powder is one of the easiest nail art products to use! It can turn an ordinary gel manicure into a show-stopping one – and all you need is Clear Hard Gel, No Wipe Top Coat, Chrome Powder of your choice and your applicator which is included with your jar of Chrome Powder!

How do you apply Chrome Powder?

You’ll need to follow these steps to make your Chrome Powder stick to your nails:

Prep nails and apply Base & Gel Colour coats as normal. Complete the gel polish application process and make sure you apy no wipe top coat in the end and cure it.
Now, take a small amount of your favourite Chrome Powder and rub the powder onto the nail until full coverage is achieved.
You can use a Dust Brush to remove any loose powder, before applying a layer of Clear Hard Gel.
Hard gel is important for Chrome coverage; it ensures that that powder doesn’t chip and lasts for more than 2 weeks. Don’t forget to cure it in the lamp!
Now, apply the final layer of No Wipe Top Coat and cure.

You are now ready to flaunt chrome tips!

Pro Tip

If you do have have clear hard gel readily available in your vanity, make sure you apply 2 layers of no wipe top coat on the chrome powder and cure each layer.

Chrome Application

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