How To Create 4d Nail Art Designs


Use the nail file to file your nails to the desired shape.
Push back and trim your cuticles.
Gently buff your nails with your nail buffer.
Clean your nails with a cleanser wipe to ensure there is no dust/oil/residue on the nails.
You’ll also want to think about your 4D design beforehand and make sure you have your 4D gel jars and a silicon tool or brush to apply it.


Apply a thin layer of base coat to all five nails, capping the ends. Avoid the skin and cuticle.
Cure for 60 seconds under the Bluesky lamp, it will still be tacky but this is normal.
Base coat for nails is extremely essential as it ensures product adhesion and also protects natural nails.

Apply your favourite top gel polish shade – Apply a thin coat, cap the edges and keep a hairline gap around the cuticle area.
Cure for 60 seconds.

Repeat the above step for the second layer of gel polish on your nails.

Take your brush and dip it in your 4D gel. Quantity of the 4D gel on your brush should be as per the design you wish to create.
Place the gel on a palette or in the palm of your free hand and shape it with the silicon tool.
Use the silicon tool or brush to mould the 4D gel design on your nail.

Repeat the process until you have created your full 4D design.
Cure for 60 seconds.

Do not forget to cover your gel polish colour with a top coat of your choice to ensure a flawless manicure that lasts 3 weeks.

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BlueSky: Captivating 4D Nail Art Designs

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