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Aqua Blender


Use the Bluesky blender pen to create a water colour effect with Aquarelle Pens.

Ideal for blending Aqua colours, our pen with the blending tip gives you ease and control over creating desired patterns.

The pen has an empty cartridge which you can easily fill with acetone-free cleanser liquid OR isopropyl alcohol and start painting your nail canvas with ease!

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Use with your AquaColor nail pens to blend colours and create brilliant designs.


  • Open box and remove empty pen, empty cartridge and dropper
  • Disassemble the pen
  • Fill dropper with alcohol cleanser
  • Use the dropper to fill the cartridge
  • Reassemble the pen
  • The blender tool is ready to use!
  • Blend your designs to create the Aqua Color effect!

Please note the pen can also be used without alcohol cleanser, simply assemble the product with empty cartridge and wipe the brush with a shine wipe for the same effect!


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